Aerial Instructors

Cheryl Broughton

Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm
Beginner / Intermediate Aerial Arts

Cheryl Broughton

Instagram - cheryltheflygirl

Cheryl started competitive cheer and dance at age 9 and continued for 15 years. She cheered for two professional teams and was a choreographer/dancer for 7 years. During this time she was also a model, pageant coach, judge and competitor and won several titles.

In 1998 Cheryl produced and hosted The Fitness Edge Health & Fitness TV Show which aired for over 5 years. She has also been a featured trainer on TV on ABC’s Health and Fitness segments. Cheryl has been a published columnist for over fifteen years and is the author of the book Get Out Of Your Way and has been voted "Best Personal Trainer" for 7 years by The Signal News. Cheryl has also hosted fitness infomercials, exercise DVD’s and has worked with HOPSports as a trainer for children’s fitness programs.

With her experience as a certified personal trainer, nutrition expert and author, Cheryl created the Fitness Edge Boot Camp (FEBC) in 2001. Her camp was voted “Ultimate Boot Camp” by Elite Magazine and “Best Health Club” by the Signal News. In 2011 Cheryl sold FEBC in order to focus more on her vitamin companies. Cheryl co-founded the vitamin store Earth Wise Nutrition Centers and vitamin brand Viva Vitamins in 2004. Viva Vitamins are sold in over 150 stores across the US and are made in the USA, GMP Compliant Manufacturing and are all natural. Earth Wise Nutrition Centers is located in Valencia, CA (Granary Square since 87).

In 2010 Cheryl was diagnosed with advanced arthritis and was told she needed both knees replaced. She said no to surgery and started taking joint supplements. It was also the day she decided to start aerial training. Cheryl now trains, teaches and performs in Tissu, Hoop, Cube, Hammock and Trapeze and is a 2013 bronze medalist in aerial arts. Cheryl also loves vertical/pole fitness and has been training since 2011 and performing since 2013. Cheryl is excited to join The Vertitude team and looks forward to helping students accomplish things they never thought possible.

Jane Rose

Sundays, 11:00am-12:30pm
Intermediate Hammock Choreography
Sundays, 12:30pm-2:00pm
Beginner Hammock

Jane Rose

Instagram - jrosekitty
Facebook - D-Construction Arts

Jane Rose has been involved with various forms of movement since she was a very small child. When living in Chicago, Jane was a principle dancer and choreographer for the dance group The Amazonen. Jane has been performing and training aerial for four years. Her apparatus include: Pole (rubber and metal), Lyra, Tissu, Hammock, Straps and Span Sets. Jane regularly performs with Kelly Yvonne’s “Girl’s Next Door” and is a principle dancer for Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre and performed in KMVT shows Catalyst and Once Upon a Pole. Jane was most recently seen on stage for a workshop performance of Trajectoire with Diavolo Dance Theater. Jane also owns and operates a Production and Post-Production design company that specializes in media design for film, television, theme parks and multi-media. Jane is excited to be a part of the Vertitude family and looks forward to sharing her experiences with its students!

Lyndsey Gago

Thursdays, 8:30pm-10pm
Lyra'Ography (Intermediate)

Lyndsey Gago

Instagram - gagogirl
Facebook - Lyndsey Gago

Lyndsey Gago was not born an athlete. She took a few years of soccer when she was a child, but ultimately she wasn't a very active kid and was always self-conscious about being overweight. In high school she was assigned to a tap dance class and fell in love. Being mesmerized by movement, Lyndsey took as many dances classes as possible. She lost weight, gained confidence, and decided to major in kinesiology. Later on, a friend introduced her to aerial acrobatics.She loves the grace and fluidity that can come with moving in the air. She loves the confidence and trust that she's gained. Mostly, though, she loves teaching. Her students mean the world to her, and her favorite moments aren't when she hits the move she's been working on forever, but when a student does. To her, that’s the best thing that could have ever happened from getting placed in a tap dance class.

Meggan Marie

Wednesdays, 7pm-8:30pm
Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Arts
Wednesdays, 8:30pm-10pm
Beginner/Intermediate Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

meggan marie

Instagram - Aerial_Barbie

Meggan Marie is an LA native and graduate of UCLA’s dance program. She has a true passion for dance and has studied the art extensively. She has been performing with local dance companies since 2004 in every style from bollywood to ballet. Several years ago, she got bit by the pole dance bug, and she especially embraces the sexy and artistic side of pole dance. She has performed in Seven, Girl Next Door and Pin-Up Pole Show, as well as her own production of the Twerkcracker, a twerk themed version of the Nutcracker. After several injuries, she became interested in functional movement training and injury prevention and has since become a personal trainer to help bridge the gap between aerial training and strength conditioning. Meggan is a long time vegan, and she loves her sweet doggie, ironically named Chicken (and also a vegan)!

Monica Chapon

Tuesdays, 7pm-8:30pm
Intermediate/Advanced Silks
Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm
Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Arts

Monica Chapon

Instagram - mlc_aerial

Monica Chapon has been involved in visual art and fitness her entire life.  Originally a Fine Artist, she focused on and earned degrees in sculptural art in the disciplines of metal, glass and ceramics. Her visual art education and career crossed over into performing arts while working for the Theatre Department in graduate school, and she currently works as Arts Education Coordinator for both an art museum and a theatre.  Throughout her childhood and adult life, fitness has always played a huge role.  She regularly practiced yoga, pilates, rock-climbing, and played basketball.  When she discovered aerial arts, she thought it was the perfect blend of visual art and fitness, and fell in love.  In 2015, she began performing in Los Angeles venues and in 2016 graduated from the Aerial Physique Teacher Training Program.  She is passionate about arts and fitness and loves to help students reach their aerial goals.