Competition Team

Established in 2012, The Vertitude has prided itself in our ability to support our athletes in all their performance needs.

2018 Vertitude Competition Team

The cost to join the Competition team is a one time sign up fee of $149

If you are a current Vertitude Member at the time of purchase you will receive the following discounts on your comp team enrollment:
Basic Member      -    $20 off  ($129 in addition to your membership)
Standard Member   - $30 off  ($119 in addition to your membership)
Platinum Member -  $80 off  (join comp team for only $69 in addition to your membership)
Visit PRICING to learn about our memberships.

What You Get:

  • Unlimited Open Pole sessions from the day you sign up until the day of the competition. We have dozens of regularly scheduled open poles sessions weekly.
  • An informational Q&A session on Jan 27 followed by a Comp Team Pole Jam where you'll get to know your fellow teammates
  • Special 2hr weekly Practice time with your teammates and coaches on Sundays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm beginning Feb 11. (March 4 session will be 6pm - 8pm) 
  • Special Individual Open Pole sessions exclusive to Comp Team members only. (Your time alone, uninterrupted in the studio!).
  • Professional Audio Editing service for your comp team music (available immediately)
  • 25% Discount on Grip Aid and Vertitude branded apparel (available immediately)
  • A Mock Competition w/ Judges Round Table on March 25 featuring actual current / former PSO Judges, who will give you feedback and scores just like you'll get during PPC.
  • Discounts on Private Sessions with Comp Team Coaches and participating Vertitude Instructors.
  • A welcome packet chock full of preparational materials, information, and a Calendar that maps out exactly where you should be in your training as well as other important PSO deadlines. (Delivered to you via e-mail no later than Jan 27)
  • The encouragement and support of your fellow polers!  

What we expect of you:

  • Always support your fellow competitors
  • Play nice. Be a good sport.
  • Attend required practice times and abide by the general deadlines set in place by your coaches / PSO.
  • List The Vertitude as your affiliated studio for the competition (You MAY represent another studio in addition to The Vertitude. PSO allows up to two studio affiliations.)
  • Tag The Vertitude in all social media announcements regarding the competition and any rehearsal/class photos or videos.
  • Wear a Vertitude branded item (such as a warm-up jacket) during awards ceremonies and at any time that you are a spectator
  • Maintain your current or higher membership level if you received a discount on your competition team fee.

Important dates:

TODAY : Sign up and start using your included open pole sessions!
Jan 27 4pm : Informational session (Free to all) and Comp Team Welcome Pole Jam (jam for registered competitors only)
Feb 7 : Deadline to sign up for both PPC and Vertitude Competition Team
Feb 11 : Official Comp Team coached sessions begin
Mar 4 : informal peer run-through (note special time 6pm-8pm)
Mar 25: Mock Competition & Judges roundtable
April 7-8: PPC 

Other specific PSO deadlines and coach suggested deadlines will be outlined in your competitor's packet calendar.

Questions? Email

I never imagined I would advance so fast, but with national champion instructors and all the support you could wish for, I was able to accomplish much more than I dreamed ... The training process, with all of the ups and downs, made me love my pole family that much more and it brought me to a whole new level of respect for those who do put themselves out there for others to watch.
— Alisa RQ, 2015 Pacific Pole L4 Dramatic Champion

World Class Coaching

Our competitors have access to elite instruction, to coaches and choreographers, open training hours, and the support of our in-house staff of nationally recognized champions and performers. 

We provide all level of athletes and performers opportunities to pursue their passion for dance. 
Whether your aim is to experience your first on stage performance, supplement your practice with more hands-on training, or medal in competition, we can help you get there. 


We boast over 3000 square feet of training space – complete with professional rigging and performance grade apparatuses. Furthermore, there is ample floor space and lighting controls available to simulate your stage. The studio is also available for open booking. Contact info@thevertitude for rates and availability.

Team spirit

Available during peak regional competitions, Competition Team allows competitors to receive the support, encouragement, and valuable feedback whenever they need. Our weekly feedback sessions with staff contribute to both individual development as well as fostering camaraderie. 

Competition Team History


  • US National Pole Championships - North Hollywood, CA
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA
  • Golden Gate Pole Championships - San Francisco, CA


  • Northwest Pole Championships - Seattle, WA
  • US National Pole Championships - North Hollywood, CA
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA


  • US National Pole Championships - Seattle, CA
  • National Aerial Pole Art Championships - Los Angeles, CA
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA


  • US National Pole Championships - Redondo Beach, CA
  • National Aerial Pole Art Championships - Los Angeles, CA
  • Pole Theatre USA - Denver, CO
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA


  • California Pole Dance Championships - Los Angeles, CA
  • National Aerial Pole Art Championships - Los Angeles, CA
  • SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships - Boston, MA
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA


  • US National Pole Championships - Las Vegas, NV
  • Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA


  • 2012 Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA