Open Pole & Open Aerial

Open Pole

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Sun  10:30am-11:30am
Sun  2pm-3pm


Tues  8pm-9pm

Wed  11am-7pm hourly

Thurs  6pm-8pm hourly

Fri  11am-10pm hourly

Sat  12:30pm-2:30pm hourly

OPEN POLE sessions may vary. Please check the current class schedule .


Open Pole is usually scheduled in our smaller studio, Studio West, which has four 14 foot X-Poles with special and fun, colorful lighting for each individual pole. Studio West also has one 14 foot aerial silk and one aerial hoop (lyra).

Open Pole is a scheduled, unstructured time to do your pole or aerial "homework." 

Please note that Open Aerial must be pre-approved by a Vertitude aerial instructor before you will be allowed to participate in Open Aerial. e-mail info@thevertitude for more information.

There is no instructor or formal class.

This is your time to work on everything you need to practice, on pole, silks, or lyra. This is a great opportunity to work on pole movement, combos, tricks, or a routine you have been working on in class! Whether you are determined to get your nemesis move or are practicing a dance piece, this is your time to play.

Studio West