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Open Pole

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Sun  12pm-1pm
Sun  1pm-2pm

Tues  7pm-8pm
Tues  8pm-9pm

Wed  11am-12pm
Wed  6pm-7pm

Thurs  6pm-7pm
Thurs  7pm-8pm

Fri  11am-12pm
Fri  12pm-1pm
Fri  7pm-8pm
Fri  8pm-9pm

Sat  12:30pm-1:30pm
Sat  1:30pm-2:30pm

OPEN POLE sessions may vary. Please check the current class schedule .


Open Pole is usually scheduled in our smaller studio, Studio West, which has four 14 foot X-Poles with special and fun, colorful lighting for each individual pole. Studio West also has one 14 foot aerial silk and one aerial hoop (lyra).

Open Pole is a scheduled, unstructured time to do your pole or aerial "homework."

There is no instructor or formal class.

This is your time to work on everything you need to practice, on pole, silks, or lyra. This is a great opportunity to work on pole movement, combos, tricks, or a routine you have been working on in class! Whether you are determined to get your nemesis move or are practicing a dance piece, this is your time to play.

Studio West