Pole Instructors

Amanda Wing

Mondays, 7pm-8pm
Spin Pole: Level 1/2
Mondays, 8pm-9pm
Pole Level 3/4: Tricks & Combos

Amanda Wing

Instagram - manderwing
Facebook - Amanda Wing

Beginning her pole journey at the end of 2011, Amanda has since found a liberating creativity through dance that she is excited to share.  Her expression is heavily influenced by her extensive background as an actress and theater artist. She places emphasis on connecting in to the heart and using raw emotions to explore unique movement and story-telling styles on and off the pole.  Amanda is a proud member of Jagged: A Contemporary Pole Dance Company and Gold Medal winner at the 2015 Pacific Pole Championships, Dramatic category.

Anna Alvarez

Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm
Pole Tricks & Choreo (Beg/Int)
Sundays, 12:30pm-2pm
Pole Level 3/4: Tricks & Combos

anna alvarez

Instagram - annaalvarezpole
Facebook - Anna Alvarez Pole

Anna began pole dancing in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2016 and currently teaches and trains here in California. This year she placed 1st in the PSO National women's pro Championships, 2nd in the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold's, 3rd at the North American Pole Dance Championships, International Elite Division, and 2nd at the PSO Pacific Pole Championships. Anna is excited to share her passion and love for the art of pole.

Danielle Christine

Mondays, 7pm-8pm
Movement Lab (Pole, All Levels)
Mondays, 8pm-9:15pm
Pole Level 1/2: Technique

Danielle Christine

Instagram - reelsmartcookie

A former couch potato with a background in acting, Danielle Christine started her pole journey in 2006 with erotic movement classes taught by a friend, and a few years later, transitioned into the aerial pole world. Since then, she has been taking classes around LA and developing her love of all things pole, lyra, and freestyle. One of her greatest joys is spreading her love of it all to her friends and students, and seeing them succeed!

Danielle is also co-owner of Poleitical Clothing, chronicles her pole & lyra journey at Poleitical Diaries, and is a contributing blogger for Bad Kitty Exotic Wear. In her non-pole time, you can catch her still being a couch potato, with her kitties and fella by her side.

Iris Sparrow

Mondays, 7pm-8pm
Movement Lab (Pole, All Levels)
Thursdays, 7pm-8:30pm
Pole Level 2/3: Tricks & Combos

Iris Sparrow

Instagram - iris.sparrow

Iris first became fascinated with movement and exploring her body's capabilities while taking gymnastics classes as a young girl. When academics pulled her away, she never thought she would return to that world. But in 2009, she discovered pole dancing videos on YouTube and got the itch to try a class- just one, just for fun. Having no prior dance experience, she wasn’t sure if she would fit in with the other students. However, after the first spin, she was hooked and knew she had found her passion Iris trained with Cat Gennaro at Poleates for one year - and at the encouragement of her teachers and fellow students, decided that one day she would also become an instructor. In 2011, Iris met Sergia at Poleates and they developed a fast friendship. Shortly after that, Sergia opened The Vertitude and invited Iris to teach. Iris has also studies with Leigh Ann Orsi, Tiffany Hayden and Amy Guion at BeSpun Los Angeles; Tammy Brandel at The Choreography House; and Faith Daniels and Leigh Acosta at Poleates. She has trained in advanced workshops with Felix Cane, Zoraya Judd, Jenyne Butterfly, and Natasha Wang. Her recent performances include the grand opening celebration of The Vertitude, and dancing at Fly - The Afterparty for Girl Next Door - A Pole Dance Soiree. In addition to dancing, Iris photographs pole with her partner Joe Woods through their business, Alloy Images.

Jordan Kensley

Thursdays, 8:30pm-9:30pm
Fast & Fierce (Pole, Level 2+)

Jordan Kensley

Instagram - jordankensley
Facebook - Jordan Kensley

Jordan Kensley moved to LA with no movement background in Oct 2012 and found her first home at BeSpun. Soon after she began competing and fell in love with Sergias's dance style and how well Sergia brought life to her characters on stage. So Jordan decided to further her training at the Vertitude. It was for NAPA 2014 that she decided to work with Sergia to create her favorite competition piece; she placed second in the NEO division and went PRO from then on. Jordan now spends her time pushing herself to become better- she strives to emulate the athlete, the artist, and the goddess in each of her routines and specializes in a Strong Sexy Style. She finds inspiration within her idols, friends, mentors and students in The Pole Community; this community has given her strength and confidence in so many ways, inside and outside of the studio. She has been teaching at both BeSpun and the Vertitude since 2014 and loves helping students become comfortable in their own skin — the ‘A-HA moment’ that happens when she helps someone figure out a nemesis move is the best feeling for her, next to giving her students the proper techniques they need to train and dance without injury. Jordan Kensley has also been dancing at the infamous Jumbos Clown Room since January 2013, under the name Roxie. She is available for private lessons when she isn't traveling for pole dancing.

Katherine Voorhees

Fridays, 11am-12:15pm
Pole: All Levels 1-5

Katherine Voorhees

Instagram - kathervoo
Facebook - Katherine Voorhees

Katherine was born and raised in California and has spent most of her life involved in sports. But not until 2008 did she find love in the art of pole and dance. She worked hard and spent the next few years becoming stronger, more flexible, and more confident in everything she did. Soon, she was teaching. As she progressed she realized that she wanted to perform and decided to take her dancing to the next level. Katherine has danced throughout southern California including an East Meets West event, the Playboy Mansion, and Kelly Yvonne's Girl Next Door show, as well as competing in the 2011 California Pole Dance Championship and taking home the award for Most Flexible. She hopes to continue teaching, dancing, and performing for many years to come.


Saturdays, 11:30am-12:30pm
Pole Level 1/2 : Technique & Movement
Saturdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm
High Heels, Low Flow (Pole)
Saturdays, 1:30pm-3pm
Pole 2/3: Tricks & Combos

Veronika Pole

Instagram - veronikapole

Veronika's journey in dance has been one of happenstance or perhaps, fate. As the quintessential shy, demure girl next door, Veronika had never been serious about dance, gymnastics or athletics - besides having dabbled in a little bellydance and a bit of salsa. Those were fun, but nothing really stuck. One day, a friend signed a reluctant Veronika up to attend a free introductory pole class which, ironically, was on her birthday. Immediately, she was hooked or rather, she was born! This was a new birthday of sorts; the beginning of a on-going journey of exploration and self-discovery through dance and aerial arts. Veronika began as a student at the now defunct Xpolesitions, where she fell in love with pole dance, met many incredible women (including the amazing Nadia Sharif) and blossomed into a nurturing instructor. Coming from a family of academic educators, Veronika has a natural teaching ability, a gentle analytical style, and a boatload of patience. Veronika has worked with students of all skill level and backgrounds, but she also has the unique experience of beginning as a student with no dance training that allows her to relate to the challenges and triumphs women may encounter on their own personal journey. Veronika continues to study and train pole and has also begun to explore other aerial arts such as lyra (hoop) and tissu (silks) with great passion, but her primary focus in dance is instructing.