Danielle G.


Meet The Owner...

Danielle's love of pole and aerial began as part of a much larger, life-changing transition. At 30 years old, Danielle found herself overweight, unhealthy and unhappy, so she set out on a mission to not only lose weight and get healthy, but to also do the things she always wanted to do.

Diet and exercise came first, and with the strength that came with that, so did the confidence to finally take her first pole class. After she became an XPERT certified pole instructor she began teaching at various studios in the Los Angeles area. She is also a CirqFit certified Lyra instructor.

As a student and eventual instructor at The Vertitude, she jumped at the opportunity to buy the studio when the founder, Sergia Louise Anderson, wanted to focus her energies on traveling for performances and workshops.

Danielle’s goal for the studio is to continue offering the best classes by the best instructors in Los Angeles and providing a fun and welcoming environment for new and seasoned dancers.

Follow her on Instagram: DanielleGPole