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The ‘Vertitude’ was created by combining the words vertical and attitude. 

These two words resonate strongly through out the dance and fitness industry. To be vertical in dance means to be up right, fully engaged in the movement and to have a confident fluid bearing or presence. To be vertical in fitness means to stand tall, confidently taking charge of your personal well being. Attitude in dance and fitness means maintaining a positive outlook by being physically and mentally strong.

The Vertitude’s goal is to instill these qualities in all our students.



Most studios charge hundreds of dollars per month and all you get is the same class over and over again. This can lead to boredom and a loss of focus. At The Vertitude, we believe in challenging our students by offering a variety of different classes that will produce positive ongoing results. We will work with you to develop your overall fitness and health goals. 

“Our mission is to create a safe space in the community where one can achieve fitness goals, and practice artistic expression.

— Sergia Louise Anderson



All instructors at The Vertitude are certified and have the experience, talent, credibility and the personality to keep you challenged and interested in training. Our instructors are at the top of their chosen fields. Our dance and fitness instructors have won championships, dance titles, taught thousands of students and are certified to the highest level.



Our studio is one of the largest in Los Angeles. Measuring over 3000 square feet of training space complete with professional rigging and performance grade apparatuses. We have two separate studio spaces with a total of 12 poles (8 in Studio East and 4 in Studio West) measuring 14 feet tall. Studio East is outfitted with five aerial rigs that can support multiple apparatus. Studio West is outfitted with two aerial rigs. There is ample floor space and lighting controls available to simulate many environments such as stage, photo studios, and sets. The studio is available for open booking for any of these purposes.